2019 Something’s Happening Here!

With the arrest of an innocent RI seaweed collector, Scott Keeley at Charlestown Beach recently, the quest to preserve our inherited shore rights and privileges has been energized again. It was a perfect scenario to show how some shore front property owners are actively working to limit our constitutional rights.…

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“It’s Happening!”

It's Happening!

Some of “It” is scary, some of “It” is hopeful. The scary part is the consolidating evidence of global warming, the surprising acceleration of sea level rise, and the accepting of the profound effects these will have on Rhode Island. The hopeful part is the proactive call to arms by…

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New Year, new Effort

Getting back to the the SOURCE!!   —- Check out a recent post under the “Legal” category. It is the actual wording of the Roman  law creating and defining the idea of the Public Trust Doctrine…the now 1480 year old foundation of our own Rhode Island Constitutional “shore rights and privileges. …

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RISAC Update

  Hello Everyone,   You’re invited to keep yourself in the loop.   Our website (http://www.rishoreaccess.org) has a new legal post (The Luney Ibbison Court Case: The Metonic Cycle and R.I. Shore Access) which puts an end to any intelligent support for the idea that we have to stay below…

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Court sides against Rhode Islanders’ Shore Rights

misq plat blue bedell 73-74 close up

Misquamicut ruling backs owners     WARWICK — A Superior Court judge has ruled in favor of 21 Misquamicut property owners, finding that the public does not have the right to use the beach adjacent to their homes.   Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin filed suit against the property…

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