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This website is an effort to get in touch with individuals and groups of outdoor recreation associations and civic minded citizens to engage them in a discussion concerning some upcoming RI legislation. This legislation would be aimed at codifying our constitutional right to pass along the shore (as well as fish, swim, and gather seaweed).

These rights are being rapidly encroached on by rampant shoreline development and the aggressive over-reaction of shorefront property owners to the establishment of the RI citizens’ rights of way to the sea. It was suggested to me by a state agency director, because a grass roots impetus swings a heavier bat than an agency suggestion, that the most effective route to accomplish this goal would be to try to create a “Rhode Island Shore Access Coalition” .

Please take up the invitation to join together; to stand and be counted in this effort to defend and preserve our citizens’ rights as the RI constitution guarantees.

So take a few minutes to look around this website and see what the issues are. Then subscribe to the site to get on the list for future updates, which at some point, hopefully, will include the opportunity to contact your state representatives with support for the defense of your rights.

It would help enormously if you could send in the contact information of any PR or official contact person from any relevant group, with whom I might have a conversation about this issue, to see if a group endorsement might be possible.

Enjoy the site, share and discuss the issues, and help preserve the threatened constitutional guarantees that we inherited…and that we would like to pass on to all the future generations of Rhode Islanders.
Thanks and hope to hear from you ASAP.



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