2019 Something’s Happening Here!

With the arrest of an innocent RI seaweed collector, Scott Keeley at Charlestown Beach recently, the quest to preserve our inherited shore rights and privileges has been energized again. It was a perfect scenario to show how some shore front property owners are actively working to limit our constitutional rights.

Scott has created a new website for up to date announcements and shore access information.

The URL is –> http://www.shorelinerights.org

The RISAC website you are on now is a repository of decades of research and articles on the topic of RI’s unique constitutional guarantees, and meshes nicely with the Shoreliner site to give both the historical/research information as well as the posting of current activity.

Please explore both, get educated, and help us fight for our and our children’s’ rights.

Check the Shoreliners’ website for details about the protest walk to be made this Saturday, July 6th, at 10 AM at Charlestown Town Beach.

Hope to see you there!

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